A Taste of Japan in County Armagh

Watch Wasabi Crop on TV on 27 April 2020 at 2 pm on the James Martin’s Islands to Highlands show

In this episode of the new series, James meets Dr Sean Kitson and his son Zak who produce fantastic wasabi, a type of Japanese horseradish, in a polytunnel in the garden of their home in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

James met Dr Sean Kitson in one episode of the new series. Pictured: James Martin, Zak Kitson and  Paul Rankin.

Quotes from James Martin

Proper Japanese wasabi is very expensive – one stalk can be £90 – and it’s very difficult to grow as the roots are mainly grown out of the ground so it can take over two years,’’ says James.

But here’s this 17-year-old lad and his dad growing it.

I’d never seen it grown, now I’m a fan. I wasn’t into horseradish but this stuff is amazing, and I created a wasabi salmon recipe around it.

As a pig farmer’s kid, I’ve always said that to fully understand food, you’ve got to understand how hard it is to produce.

Enjoy fresh wasabi








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