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wasabia japonicaTurning Japanese: Co Armagh dad and son crack secret to growing wasabi

  • Most wasabi in the supermarkets, it’s all fake.

  • Armagh father and son grow Ireland’s most expensive vegetable

  • World’s most expensive vegetable grown in Tandragee

  • Wasabi

  • ‘Green gold’ wasabi adds spice to garden


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Wasabi Rhizomes Are Ready!

Hi Everyone,

Its been some time since my last wasabi post but I have been waiting for the rhizomes!

Wasabi Crop had a great weekend, and Zak dug up 51 rhizomes with the biggest weighing 170 g. We prepared the rhizomes for our customers by first trimming them.  This involved cutting the head and trimming off the bottom. The rhizomes were then washed in fresh cold water and prepared for vacuum packing.  They were then frozen.

vacuum packed wasabi rhizome

vacuum packed fresh wasabi rhizomes from wasabi crop

These freshly frozen wasabi rhizomes will be delivered to our customers in a vacuum pack.  On receipt of the vacuum-packed wasabi rhizome, it should immediately be taken out of the bag and washed it under cold running water. Each fresh wasabi rhizome is then individually wrapped in damp cheesecloth which will be supplied with the order.  The customer must then store them in an open glass bowl on the top shelf of their refrigerator. The cheesecloth is then periodically checked every 2-3 days to ensure that they remain moist; changing or dampening the rhizome again as required.  It is important to remember not to seal the dish.  This Wasabi Rhizome should last for up to 10 days in the fridge.

real fresh wasabi rhizomes

real fresh wasabi rhizomes


Overall this is an excellent approach as during the preparation the wasabi rhizome is trimmed by removing the crown and the root tip to ensure the customer receives all the rhizome!

Your wasabi rhizome has taken over 2 years to grow in Northern Ireland.  Yes, you heard right!  It was grown in Northern Ireland, and Wasabi Crop is the first Company to achieve this.

Most people have never tasted real wasabi: FAKE wasabi which is consumed come out of a plastic tube.  What you have actually been eating is common horseradish with a little green food colouring and mustard.

Fake Wasabi

Fake Wasabi


Why is it so rare? Wasabi is a temperamental crop requiring particular growing conditions and critical care to flourish. It is also somewhat perishable: because of these factors, real wasabi can be extremely hard to get your hands on!

If you would like to buy some, please visit the Store at Wasabi Crop!

I have to go now and help dig up more rhizomes; it would be great to beat the British record of 377 g!

Enjoy your fresh wasabi – providing new foods for your table! 



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